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Earlobe gauges: Reversal may be on the rise as the trend dies out.

By October 15, 2012No Comments
Ear Gauge Repair

Ear Gauge Repair

We’ve all done things to our look that down the road we regret.  A bad haircut or perm, rocking the blue eye shadow a little too hard, countless fashion choices that expired days after they were hot.  But for some choices, a change is more difficult than just changing your wardrobe or letting your hair grow out.  Ear gauges have been trendy for several years now, with some taking it to extremes creating massively stretched out lobes. Many people choose this trend when they are young, in high school or college, only to realize that it is hard to be taken seriously when it’s time to enter the workforce.  Some company dress codes even  preclude employees from wearing large jewelry in their ears, forcing the gauged ears to flop empty throughout the workday.  Many people are now choosing to have plastic surgery to reverse the appearance and return their ears to a more normal appearance.  A recent spot on the TV show “The Drs.” showed a patient undergoing the procedure.

As the video showed, reversing the problem is straight-forward and can be done in the office.  Scarring is minimal and generally improves over the first year.  The ears can be re-pierced after a few months if that is desired.  We perform a similar procedure on earlobes that have been stretched out by heavy earrings and lobes torn through accidentally.  If you have gauges and want to discuss having them reversed, give our office a call at (801)-264-4420. See Dr. Harris discuss ear gauge reversal by clicking here.